Time Management Services (TMS Group) is covering

Watches, jewels, writing instruments and accessories

TMS Group is a privately held platform for brands, product and sales development covering watches, jewels, writing instruments and accessories. The Group ranks among the fastest growing fashion lifestyle Groups within its competitive environment.

TMS Group owns or develops under exclusive License Agreements a selective portfolio of leading brands in the field of fashion-luxury, affordable trend-lifestyle and sports-lifestyle. In the upper luxury field, the group is linked to the globally known Franck Muller Group (Geneva) through its License Agreements for Roberto Cavalli by Franck Muller Timepieces.


TMS Headquarters are located in Hong Kong, giving it an unrestricted access to the world’s fastest-growing luxury market China, while the group operates through units in Switzerland, Dubai, and China. A carefully balanced mix between experienced Industry experts and young, innovative talents ensures a complete dedication to the customer, marketing and quality service.


For its brand portfolio, TMS Group follows a selective approach to assure a complementary structure in terms of price and design positioning, while its distribution focuses on geographical dispersion.

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